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March 2011
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ladygoddess [userpic]


I live in an old trailer where all the walls and all the carpets are brown. The walls seems to have a gloss on them and they're the "wood pattern" kind. I've been thinking of trying to paint over the panels since I've seen a house where this was done successfully. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? What colors could I go for to brighten up the rooms and make the trailer seem bigger? I can't afford to do anything about the ugly carpets but I figure the walls would make a world of a difference.


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I would say any kind of light color...not bone-white, but a nice creamy white would be nice. I would ask the people at the paint store about how best to paint over that "lovely" wood paneling. :)
The brown carpet might even look OK with lighter walls! (It'll definitely hide stains.)